(Photo by Hyemin Lee)

During the scorching summer, Sulbing is where my friends and I find sweet relief to escape from the heat. In Korea, going to cafes for dessert is trendy, which Sulbing is embracing. This popular café chain offers a variety of options of bingsu, a delightful shaved ice treat, year-round. Whenever I take my American friends to Sulbing, the delicious concoctions never fail to bring smiles. Trust me, you'll love it too!

Bingsu is a traditional Korean dessert that is especially popular in the summer. At Sulbing, the Korean treat is taken to a new level with a modern twist on the traditional style. Sulbing’s menu ranges from green tea to fresh fruits and cheese. You’ll find classics like injeolmi (rice cake) and red beans and more. These eye-catching desserts create a great harmony of taste and texture and are very appealing to both locals and foreigners.

Besides shaved ice, Sulbing has many other offerings like mozzarella toast coated in sweet rice cake powder, chocolate twisted Korean donuts and tteokbokki. And you’ll want to visit often since their seasonal menu items change, offering some unique flavors and presentations. In the summer, for instance, visit Sulbing for a bingsu served in a melon half topped with strawberry and cream cheese.

If you’re worried about ordering, Sulbing also has self-service kiosks to make it easier to customize your dessert.

You can’t let summer pass without cooling off the Korean way with a delicious bingsu at Sulbing.

Things to know

  • Price: Starting from 9,000 won to 15,000 won ($7-$11.5) and side dessert menu is from 3,000 won to 6,000 won ($2.3-$4.6).

  • Address: Multiple locations around South Korea and many are just outside the U.S. military bases. Simply open Naver map app and search “Sulbing.”

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