Busan to Start Towing Illegally Parked Electric Mobility Vehicles


The city of Busan will begin towing illegally parked electric scooters, electric two-wheelers, and electric bicycles to prevent safety accidents.

The city explained that while personal mobility devices are popular among young people, indiscriminate illegal parking has caused pedestrian inconvenience, traffic accident risks, and urban aesthetic issues.

The city amended the “Busan Metropolitan City Personal Mobility Device Safety Promotion Ordinance” in February to provide a legal basis for towing.

The crackdown targets devices left unattended at intersections, crosswalks, railroad crossings, bus stops, school zones, and sidewalks.

Upon receiving a complaint, the city will order the rental company to collect the device within an hour or face forced collection and towing.

The city will charge rental companies for towing and storage fees and has issued guidelines to the 16 regions in the city to prevent confusion regarding towing rules and procedures.

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