Cherry Blossom Tour Bus

(Image: Changwon City)

A special Changwon City Tour Bus route will navigate major cherry blossom sites in Jinhae-gu for 11 days from the 22nd until the 1st of April.

As South Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival, Jinhae Gunhang Festival adorns the streets with blossoms from 350,000 cherry trees, attracting over 4.2 million tourists last year.

To alleviate traffic congestion and provide accessibility, Changwon City will operate the ‘Changwon City Tour Bus Jinhae Gunhangje Special Route.’

This service offers tourists the opportunity to explore various cherry blossom spots comfortably, including Jinhae Station, Jinhaeru, and Gyeonghwa Station, aboard two double-decker buses.

Tickets can be purchased and boarding initiated at Jinhae Station, allowing for transfers at Jinhaeru and Gyeonghwa Station platforms for a day of cherry blossom sightseeing.

For more details, visit the Changwon City Tour Bus website for operational timetables and information.

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