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We all love our furry friends! Traveling with a pet is a great way to share some nice memories with Fido but be prepared for some minor inconveniences along your journey. In South Korea, every transport company has particular rules regarding pets, so it’s important to plan ahead. If you’ve traveled with pets before or are just beginning to, you’ll want to take note of the tips below.

Taking your pet on a train

Korail and SRT trains allow cats and dogs smaller than 23.62 inches long on their express or slower trains. However, your pet must fit comfortably in a pet carrier under the seat in front of you or on your lap.

The carrier must not exceed the dimensions 45cm x 30cm x 25cm for Korail and SRT’s carry-on requirements and the total weight of the carrier and pet must be less than 22 pounds.

Among the list of prohibited pets or animals are fighting dogs, such as pit bull terriers, Dobermanns and German shepherds, as well as rodents, reptiles, and birds of prey. None of these rules apply to registered service dogs as they are allowed on the train for passengers with disabilities.

Follow the rules

  • Your carrier must be covered, keeping the interior out of view.

  • Carry your pet’s vaccination certificate and card at all times.

  • Your pet must remain in the carrier for the duration of travel.

  • Avoid blocking aisles or doorways with the pet carrier.

  • Etiquette: Bath your furry travel companion and control feed 4 to 5 hours before boarding a train.

TIP: Though the KTX’s first-class ticket (for an adult) is more spacious and a little more expensive, it could be a good choice if you want some space for the carrier. If you’ve spent enough time on the rail system in Korea, you may have noticed many pet lovers place their travel kennel at the end of a train car or spacious luggage space between first-class and business-class train, standing close by them, which is another option you can consider, too.

On the subway

Most of the subway providers around the nation don’t have accurate animal policy for boarding a pet, but the companies allow you to travel if you have your small pet in a carrier. Visit the line’s own website for more information.

On the express bus

Most of the bus companies allow only small pets weighing under 11 pounds on board and only if they are in a carrier. Some companies’ policies state they reserve the right to refuse pets on their vehicles. These policies also vary on weight limitation and carrier dimensions.

If your pet is allowed on the bus, make sure they’re on their best behavior as drivers have discretionary power.

For more information on PCSing with your pet visit: https://8tharmy.korea.army.mil/site/newcomers/traveling-pets.asp

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Speakin’ Korean: Trip talk!

- Can I take my dog(cat) on the bus? Gangaji(goyangi)reul derigo beoseue tal su isseoyo?

- My dog (cat) is small. Je gang-a-ji-neun jagayo.

- My dog (cat) is so gentle. Je gangajineun jeongmal yamjeonhaeyo.

- Here is my dog’s vaccination card. Gangaji yebang jeopjongkadeu yeogi isseoyo.

- Thank you. Gamsahapnida.

- Sorry for the inconvenience. Bulpyeoneul kkichyeo deuryeo joesonghapnida.

- Thank you for your patience. Yanghaehae jusyeoseo gamsahapnida.

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