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Need immediate assistance for interpretation or have a burning question about traveling in Korea? I know you might hesitate to bother your Korean friends, so here is a great solution available. Simply dial 1330 to connect to a travel helpline operated by the Korea Tourism Organization. This helpline offering tourist and life information in multiple languages is accessible at any time and completely free of charge!

Only have a data SIM? No problem! The agency also offers live chat in English and other languages on their website, via mobile apps (VISITKOREA), or Facebook Messenger.

- Travel information

You can use this service to ask any kind of information regarding traveling in Korea. For example, you can ask about the easiest ways to get to Seoul from Kunsan Air Base or request recommendations for good vegetarian restaurants near Camp Carroll. If the answer to your query is straightforward, the phone assistant will provide an immediate response.

However, if the question requires additional research to ensure an accurate and efficient response, they may ask you for some extra time. In such cases, you will receive a message from the assistant containing the information you were seeking.

- Interpretation

Also, you can request immediate interpretation assistance when faced with a language barrier as a foreigner. For instance, if you are lost and are unable to communicate with anyone around you, you can call 1330 and the assistant will speak with one of the surrounding people to help you. Similarly, if you have questions about the menu at a restaurant but none of the staff speak English, calling this number will offer you quick translation services.

- In case of emergency

Furthermore, you can call 1330 in emergency situations requiring assistance from the police or emergency workers. They can connect you with the necessary help. They can also provide information about nearby tourist police stations where you can seek assistance in person. While the exact scope of assistance may vary depending on the topic, they are ready to help with most situations that foreigners might encounter in Korea. So, do not hesitate to call 1330 and ask for their support. The staff at the 1330 Korea Travel Helpline are more than willing to assist you!

Korea travel helpline

(The message the author got from the assistant.)

(The message the author got from the assistant.)

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