Visiting Forest Healing programs

Visiting Forest Healing programs (Jinju City)

Jinju City is preparing to open the ‘Visiting Forest Healing’ program, running every weekend from May 18 to June 9.

This initiative takes participants on a journey through four urban forests under the guidance of forest healing instructors.

Each weekend offers a unique array of activities tailored to the distinct landscapes of Jinju’s forests.

A barefoot walking experience will take place at Gajwasan Mountain on May 18-19, while aromatic walks along Bibongsan Mountain’s fragrant trails will take place on May 25-26.

On the first weekend in June, participants can engage in sensory-stimulating activities like nature observation, tactile exploration, and forest scent appreciation at Seonhak Mountain.

On June 8-9, the program concludes with a grounding experience at Mt. Wolasan’s forest, where participants can walk barefoot on the newly laid earthing path and learn ‘Geobyeong Yeonsu 6 Self-Determination’ breathing techniques for holistic well-being.

For more information, visit the Wolasan Forest Jinju website at www.jinju.go.kr/forestjinju.

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